Men of the Church

  • March Men of the Church Breakfast at Sunnyside Café

    On the first Tuesday morning of March, eight Men of the Church enjoyed food and fellowship at the Sunnyside Café. Topics discussed ranged from Clemson basketball to home maintenance problems. Also there is a great concern about the changes in downtown Clemson as the result of the planned increase of university enrollment. We talked about […]

  • April & May Men of the Church Breakfasts

    May 2015 Meeting The meeting’s speaker was Donna Owens, Marketing and Sales Director for the Foothills Retirement Community at Easley. This retirement community is associated with Presbyterian Church (USA) but not owned by it. It is one of the five Presbyterian faith-based communities in South Carolina. This facility has both independent and assisted living facilities. […]

  • February 2015 Men of Church Breakfast

    We had a return visit of Stephanie Enders, the Executive Director of Ripple of One. As a result of her previous visit, Fort Hill Church is now a contributor to her program. We received an update of the program whose mission is to get families off government assistance. Predominantly their clients are single mothers with […]

  • October 2014 Men of the Church Meeting

    James Nampushi, Maasai warrior and PRTM graduate student, returned to report on his activities since the last time that he met with us. He thanked us for the fellowship he has experienced in this church and how he puts his faith in God to show him his future. His present concern is how he can […]

  • May 2014 Men of the Church Breakfast

    This morning Jerry Reel entertained us with some of the most useless information that he has collected. As an example, did you know that Tom Alexander who helped build the Eiffel tower also helped build the Statue of Liberty? Interesting? He recalled the first time he visited this church when Charles Raynal was pastor. He […]