Giving opens the doors of faith…stewardship-brochure-for-fy-2017-budget

When we were renovating our church recently, I was struck by the number of doors to re-key, replace, and refinish. When our Head Usher used to lock up the church after worship, our Worship Moderator Melanie Job took an inventory of something like 23 exterior doors to check and lock. Fort Hill Church has many doors. We enter through these doors each week to be refreshed, renewed for service to Christ, as we go out these doors to love God, love neighbor, and love ourselves. In an out…in and out, we go.

Fort Hill Church provides many ways to find Christ and to grow in faith. This church has provided a rock solid foundation for all ages for many generations. Imagine the faces throughout time of all those who have entered these doors and left to serve in faith. Giving doors for faith to be grown in our youth and children. Giving open doors for us to encourage one another in times of doubt, struggle, and as we grow in faith. Giving opens doors to strangers and guests who walk in our doors seeking God.

Our annual stewardship commitment time is a time to give thanks to God and remember God’s benefits and blessings toward us. We step forward in faith, making a promise, a pledge to build up God’s church at Fort Hill and to further the mission. On November 6 we will dedicate these pledges in worship as we commit again to glorify God, grow disciples, and meet human needs through God’s church, Fort Hill Presbyterian.

Thank you in advance for the ways you serve, love, and give in faith.

Laura Conrad

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