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Bridging Generations II: A Campaign Overview

In 2015, Fort Hill Church conducted the Bridging Generations Campaign to raise $3 million for much-needed renovation projects:

  • A major upgrade of our preschool and our education building.
  • Accessibility improvements including the stair tower, elevator, and bridge have made our facilities welcoming to all.
  • Our courtyard area was leveled and redesigned to allow for children and those with mobility issues alike enjoy the space.
  • What had been an unfinished basement became the Den and the Nest, dedicated space for our youth programs.
  • Upgrades were made to our sanctuary and Tartan Hall.

The Bridging Generations campaign allowed us to build a foundation to minister to generations to come.

Continuing the Work

One holdover from that campaign is a 10-year loan which comes due in May of 2025. We anticipate the balance to be approximately $180,000 by then. Because of current interest rates, we believe the money that would be spent on interest to re-finance the loan could be better used to further our mission in our community and the world.

In addition to paying off the loan, we need to improve the overall worship experience in the sanctuary by replacing the 33-year-old lighting and updating the sound technology for in-person and on-line worship. These changes will cost approximately $170,000.

Finally, there is a need to develop outdoor space in the “back yard” that all ministries of the church can use to support their specific activities. The work may include grading, planting turf, and adding a fence. A cost study is underway, but the initial estimate will not exceed $50,000.

To these ends, we are launching Bridging Generations II, a two-year capital campaign to raise $400,000 to cover these three specific areas. The first $180,000 raised will be used to pay off the balance of the loan.

The Bridging Generations campaign addressed a building that did not reflect the church’s warm and inviting congregation. Those changes created a welcoming, inviting, accessible building.

This campaign will free up funds for ministry and making a difference in our community and our world.

Will You Consider Your Role

Please prayerfully consider your role in this campaign and how God might lead you to participate. We do ask you to remember that gifts to this campaign are above and beyond your annual pledges/tithes that support the General Budget.

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