Weddings & Funerals

weddingsThe Christian Funeral

A Witness to the Resurrection

Death brings loss, sorrow, and grief to all. In the face of death Christians affirm with tears and joy the hope of the gospel. (Book of Order, W-41001)
We hold Memorial services and funerals for members of our fellowship. We encourage “planning for the end of life” and have created The Guide to Preparing a Witness to the Resurrection packet to help individuals and families with this planning. The form included in the packet can remain at church in the event of a death.

The Columbarium and Memorial Garden of Fort Hill Church is available to members who wish to have their remains here. A plaque is prepared for each person and even a wall of plaques to remember those who have donated their bodies to science as a way to serve humanity. Please contact the church office to make arrangements.

The Christian Wedding

“Marriage is a gift God has given to all humankind for the well‐being of the entire human family.”
(Book of Order, W-49001)

Your wedding ceremony is a worship service in which God’s blessing and presence in your life together is joyfully acknowledged and your commitment to each other is celebrated. The covenant of marriage brings significant changes in your lives and marks the beginning of a new spiritual adventure. The pastor who performs the ceremony will counsel with you prior to the rehearsal. These sessions will help you to prepare yourselves for marriage.

Those who are an active part of our fellowship are welcome to hold a wedding ceremony in our Sanctuary. You must seek the approval of the Pastor and Session. The Wedding Guild of the Worship Ministry assists in the planning and directing of the worship service. May God’s richest blessings be known to you as you prepare for this most meaningful event in your lives.